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    Columbus, OH, August 29, 2013–We are proud to unveil the newest AERO Advanced Paint Appliqué Technology livery for Michael Shank Racing’s No. 60 Ford-Riley Daytona Prototype, driven by John Pew (USA) and Oswaldo Negri, Jr. (BRA). Michael Shank Racing utilizes AERO not only to enhance aesthetic value to live and television audiences, but also in order to gain a competitive advantage in weight, protection, durability, and aerodynamics.


    “I’ve been pretty overwhelmed with the response to our cars this year,” said team owner Mike Shank, who has a well-known eye for detail. “You always want your cars to look good, but working with AERO has taken things to an entirely different level. Not only is the end result so striking, the benefits of the light weight and protection that it offers really appeal to anyone who operates where weight is key. We’ve been fortunate to work with several different commercial partners this year, and every time we’ve had a new livery for the car to support those partnerships, AERO has just knocked it out of the park.”

    AERO is a premium, aircraft grade paint appliqué technology that has revolutionized how paint can be applied by using thin film technology as opposed to traditional spray systems. It is the result of a multi-year development effort for Boeing to create a lightweight, durable, and imageable paint replacement on the 787 Dreamliner. The benefits for automotive applications, however, were remarkable. AERO can be applied to an entire vehicle in less than eight hours, and provides an incredibly durable and extremely high depth of image (DOI) finish.

    The ability to cleanly strip and easily re-install allows AERO to be the premium choice for changeable liveries in the racing industry. Furthermore, embedding graphics under the clearcoat yields no disruption in air flow, which when combined with the lightweight aspect (AERO can be less than half the weight of traditional spray applied paint) shows that AERO is a definite technology advantage.  Proudly and cleanly produced in the USA, AERO is truly green technology with nearly a zero carbon footprint.

    “Our AERO technology is the result of innovative scientists rethinking outdated paint methodologies, and then delivering the best possible design and performance,” stated Jim McGuire, president and CEO of AERO parent company entrotech, inc. “In terms of aesthetics, performance, and practicality, AERO is better in every way. We’re pleased to be partnered with MSR where we continue to provide weight savings, increased durability, aerodynamic performance gains, and head-turning appearance.”

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